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Music Publication

The purpose of publication

The number of choirs have distinctly fallen recently. With that, the current situation is that it has become very difficult to obtain new scores. There are about a few hundred choral music by Hiroshi Masumoto and their genre are wide-ranging. These music that break down the stereotype of choir are quite simply teeming with pleasures of music.
Since the appearance of the 1st collection in 1994, the last year saw the 8th collection. That is an exceptional pace for choir scores. Please make great use of the music compilations, which have been published in streams for the revitalisation of choir culture.


The basic philosophy is "it's not choir if it isn't fun". They are setting out to achieve music that allows us to enjoy the attractions of choir by removing the barriers between the singers and listeners, and stage and audience. Without being restricted to the so called old standbys of choir such as Japanese suites and music for mass, highly presentable music and music that never fails to move have been selected amongst all kinds of music of the world.

Innovative make-up of the musical scores

The principal characteristic is the participation of two professional musicians, the composer Hiroshi Masumoto and pianist Masako Yuyama for the creation of the musical scores. Various attentions have been given naturally to the line-up and proportions of the scores musically, which are adjusted to each music's character. The calculated functionality makes the musical scores into something that is beautiful and sophisticated.
Secondly, many other vocal and choir scores are created focussing on the singers, but this music compilation has been made user friendly even for the conductor and accompanist. The accompanist tends to be unvalued, but many comments have been noted for the accompanist giving thought for their importance and the difficulty of their tasks.

The printing and binding of the musical scores have all been done by Macintosh. The cover designs which bear close resemblance to the complied music have been very popular with each compilation.

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